Sex Magic Beyond the Binary

Two Day Workshop in Berlin.

21st and 22nd October, 2017

This workshop is for LGBTQ people of all genders and sexualities. It especially welcomes those who have felt that the rigid, binary model of gender is not for them, or that there must be more to it than that! In this workshop we will delight in and celebrate the gender-morphic sexual energy of the land that rises through our bodies. There will be no assumptions as to how anyone experiences this energy, who they share it with, how they channel it and with what intention. During the workshop we will enter a magical space beyond/below our currently understood reality where conventional definitions of gender do not exist. We will experience ourselves 'as we are': tuning into our physical and energetic bodies and developing our abilities to perceive, build and channel our sexual energies. We will connect to others in an atmosphere of respect and consent, honouring boundaries and exploring the subtleties of energetic relating.

The workshop is for people of all levels of experience, but participants will work in pairs and small groups with others of similar levels. This means that those who have attended previous workshops, or are experienced in sex/energy work can follow the work deeper and build their skills further.

About Al Head: I am a queer/lesbian genderqueer human. I have been a pagan for 35 years and have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for most of this time. I've been an LGBTQ activist since the early 1980s, running sexuality- and LGBTQ-based workshops and being involved in building community. I'm also an earth and disability activist and try to work against all forms of oppression. All my work is about the healing/connecting/renewal of the earth and of us all.

Cost: EUR 180 Concessions: EUR 100. Please get in touch if you feel called to come but cannot afford this. The workshop will be in English with German translation available. Please contact with Access queries.

To book, contact: Please say at the beginning of your email if you need the booking to proceed in German, otherwise it will be in English.

see fb: This Land Sex Magic

Sex, Magic and Healing

Day workshop in London

Saturday, December 2nd

10.30-5.00. Led by Al Head

For people of all genders and sexualities.

Wheelchair Accessible. Please contact with access needs.

Sex Magic connects us to the land and the beings that, like us, are a part of it. In these workshops we explore our boundaries and desires in a place free from gender assumptions and relationship norms. And we increase our capacity for pleasure, transformation and power-from-within.

In this workshop we will focus particularly on the energy of Healing. The sun is in Sagittarius and the image for this sign is often a centaur, like the centaur, Chiron, who in astrological terms gives us the place of The Wounded Healer in our charts. The Wounded Healer is a potent symbol for our time, as we work to heal our own wounds alongside those of the planet. In this workshop we explore how we can use the energy created by sex magic for our own and the earth's healing. We will explore the places where our sexuality may be wounded or blocked, along with the free flow of sexuality in the whole of this society. Together we will become part of the release of that flow. We will explore how learning to consciously recognise and work with our energy bodies and fields can support our healing journeys. Participants will be supported to focus energy for their own healing processes and will develop their ability to support others in a way that is congruent with their own needs. We will end by raising energy together for the healing of the earth.

For those experienced in sex magical work and those who are just beginning, or just feeling called, to explore.

Cost: £80. Concessions £50. Please let me know if you are called to come but can't afford this.

To book: email . Places are assured by the return of a booking form and payment of a deposit. Email or phone 01822 616083 with any queries. More info at: fb:This Land Sex Magic

This Land Sex Magic:

Holding the Energy

Day workshop for Facilitators and Assistants in Sacred Sexuality work.

Saturday, 20th January. 11am - 6 pm. Oxford.

Led by Al Head. Assisted by Grace Ní Dhonnchú

Access: one step up to front door. Workshop will be on ground floor but the only toilet is upstairs. Please get in touch with access needs.

What challenges, opportunities, pressures and pleasures does holding the energy in sacred sexuality workshops offer us as facilitators and assistants? Are there particular tools we need to develop to hold these spaces safely and consensually? How do we work energetically to 'hold' a group, to manage beginnings and endings, to venture into deep waters and come out again ready for the 'outside world'. How do we 'set up a space' energetically and obtain permission from the other beings who live there? How do we 'open up' and 'clear' the space after our event? How do we respond to the 'urge to merge' in participants and in ourselves?

This will be a day of exploration and sharing: verbally, energetically and practically. As in all This Land Sex Magic workshops, attention will be given to the exploration and respecting of boundaries and consent. We will continue to fine-tune our own congruence and boundary-setting, while reflecting on how we facilitate this for others. The energetic merging and separating work that is explored between individuals in general This Land Sex Magic workshops will here be expanded into the exploration of the merging and demerging of the energy of a group and how we facilitate and support this. Merging can be beautiful and an important part of the work, but failure to 'demerge' at the end can cause exhaustion, confusion, emotional triggering and sometimes illness. How do we look after ourselves and our participants during and after our workshops? A gentle day that will go as deep as participants are willing to.

Cost: £60. Concessions £45. (Get in touch if you can't afford this. Two half price 'working' tickets also available, apply early).To book or for enquiries contact: or call 01822 616083. Fb This Land Sex Magic.

Sex Magic and the Essence of Longing

Weekend Residential Workshop

February 23rd-25th 2018. Led by Al Head

at Edenrise, Totnes, South Devon.

For people of all genders and sexualities.

Access: the main rooms and some bedrooms are wheelchair accessible. Please get in touch with access needs.

In this time of the 'upswelling', when the energy of the Spring is budding and building but has not yet burst forth, we will dive deeply into the trees' wisdom. We will follow a process that tunes into LONGING: our individual longings for connection, healing, sustenance, and fulfilment; our shared longings for community, safety, peace and hope in the future and finally into the longings of the earth: the longing for the Spring to come after the Winter, and the deeper longing for the 'Spring of the Earth', the renewal and regeneration of our damaged planet. By entwining and merging our energies with each other and with the earth we will move into alignment, so that the magical work we do will resonate not only in ourselves, but will travel far down into the roots of the earth and combine there with the earth's own power of transmutation. We will journey through, on and with the ecstatic sexual energy that we share with the land, the trees, and with all that is.

We will build the safety of the group by exploring our individual and group boundaries and through exercises based on consent, congruence and awareness. We will begin the work individually and move into pairs and small groups. The weekend will travel inwards towards the central group ritual and then outwards through reflecting, integrating and grounding. We will finish by focusing on how we continue to support and nurture ourselves through the processes we have kindled. Activities offered can contain as much or as little physical/energetic contact with others as you choose and all activities are an 'invitation'. We will enjoy the beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces at Edenrise and share food, laughter, song and story in a held space that honours both individuality and connection.

Cost: £270. Concessions £150. Please get in touch if you can't afford this.

To book, or for queries, contact: or call 01822 616083. Fb This Land Sex Magic.