- a two day workshop for trans/genderqueer/non-binary people
Led by Al Head and assisted by Zafire Vrba.

Stockholm, Sweden

September 28th-29th 2019, 10:30-17:00 both days.

As trans/genderqueer/non-binary people we all have our own unique relationships with our genitals and our own particular set of feelings about, and responses to them. Many of us feel uncomfortable or dysphoric with our physical genitals, at the same time as knowing that our genitals do not define our identities or our behaviours.
As well as physical genitals, we have genitals which are made of energy, and these can often be more aligned with the realities of our lives than our physical genitals. For some of us these energy genitals are the same shape or 'sort' as our physical genitals and for some of us they are completely different. They may have a clear form as a cunt, a cock, or both, they may be a swirling, sensitive mass of energy, or they may be something completely different. They may be all these things. They may morph and change spontaneously or at will. Exploring these things in a safe, held space with other trans/genderqueer/non-binary people will be a rich and exciting experience, with many surprises and revelations. Come and join us in this exploration!

There will be talking and sharing and some solo exploration of their form and energy, of the power and pleasure inherent in them and of the infinite possibility of ways that we can experience them. We will introduce our energy genitals to the group in a way that is comfortable for us, and find consensual ways to share their energy with others. We will explore the similarities and differences of physical and energy genitals and what happens when they align. The group will spend time discussing boundaries and comfort levels around such things as nakedness and physical and energetic touch. No-one will be asked to step beyond what is comfortable for them, although the support will be there if people wish to explore the edges of what they are accustomed to.

Venue: The Center for Radical Sexuality. The center is located in Solna, address and directions will be sent to those who sign up.

Accessibility: There is a lift to the venue and then all is on one level. The workshop will be in English. Translation to Swedish can be arranged, please request this when signing up.

Cost: 1800 SEK or Concession price: 1000 SEK
Please get in touch if you can't afford this and we will try to find a way for you to attend.

Contact and signing up: radikal6ualitet(a)

About Al Head: I am a Queer, genderqueer human. I have been a pagan for 35 years and have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for most of this time. I have been an LGBTQ activist since the early 1980s, running workshops, events and festivals and building community. I'm also an earth and disability activist and try to work against all forms of oppression. I run THIS LAND SEX MAGIC workshops and am the author of 'Queer Deity, Sacred Slut'. fb: This Land Sex Magic

About Zafire Vrba (assistant): Zafire is a trans witch who loves rituals, sex magic and hormonal dominance. They are an energy worker and a sex educator specialized in the fields of accessibility and trans bodies. Zafire has been in the bdsm scene for about 15+ years and is one of the founders of CRS.