This Land Sex Magic

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THIS LAND SEX MAGIC is a new/old/unique/eclectic way of working with energy – with the energy of human and non-human beings (such as trees, faery folk and elementals) and of the land. It is based on Western approaches to sex magic, pagan spiritual paths such as Wicca and Queer Paganism, and on my own explorations and connections. Unlike Eastern traditions such as Tantra or Daoism, Western sex magic traditions only go back to C19. The Christian Church's annihilation of the 'old arts' in Europe (often called the Inquisition or the Burning Times) meant that the tradition here was broken and lost. We can only find fragments of it in folk traditions (with caution as most of these also only date back to the C19) and in magical visions and teachings. I believe that most of the 'native' cultures of the world will have had a sex magic tradition. Most, as was the case here in the UK, were crushed by invading patriarchal societies.I believe that we can reconnect to these traditions, by connecting to the land we are on and to our own roots.

Sex magic, in my definition, is about connecting our energies with the energies of the land and learning to channel and direct them. We grow to experience directly that all energy is one; but that each channel, each manifestation, including ourselves, has its own unique flavour and shape. We learn to expand our capacity to experience, contain and channel energy. This not only hugely intensifies our capacity for pleasure but also increases our ability to do magic – to 'change consciousness at will', to directly affect the world around us. In this way we both renew our connection with, and work for the renewal of, the land on which we live.

When asked what he wanted in life, a friend of mine once said: 'good sex and world peace'. A basic description of sex magic would be that it provides the first while working for the second, as well as for all our other dreams and aspirations that are for the good of the earth.

Note: I believe that our deepest desires are to do with what the earth needs, and what we need as a part of that earth. In THIS LAND SEX MAGIC workshops we work for these deep desires. Yes, you can use sex magic for a new car, and you can take the techniques home with you and use them for this, but this is not my emphasis in the workshops. And I do not believe that anyone truly connecting and working with earth energy will be able to use it for things that are counter to the health of the earth, or of its people. I work with integrity and a deep spiritual ethos, and I hope those coming to the workshops will too.

Sex magic differs from other energy work and magical practices in the particular type and intensity of the energy we work with. It doesn't always or necessarily involve genital stimulation, orgasm or sharing energies with others, although these may increase the energy, pleasure and effectiveness of the work. We can connect with our sexual energy, and the sexual energy of the earth without any of these things. We can also learn to connect with the sexual energy of trees, rocks, wood spirits and deities. Basic sex magic techniques involve drawing energy through different energy channels, learning to build and direct it towards a desired intention and learning how our energy bodies and energy fields operate. We can learn how to consciously merge and separate our energies with the land and other human and non-human beings and how to build energy together towards a desired goal. In all workshops, we explore issues around safety and boundaries and no-one is asked to step beyond their comfort zone (although they can choose to challenge themselves if they wish).