Al Head

I am a queer, gender-queer human. I have been a pagan for over 30 years, focussing mainly on western and wiccan practices and connecting with the local land. I have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for most of this time. I am a Queer Pagan, a Radical Faerie, an energy-worker and a Priestex of Cernunnos. I've run workshops at QPC, Albion Faerie gatherings, Queer Spirit Festival and Lovespirit, among many other places. I am the author of 'Queer Deity, Sacred Slut'.

I've been an LGBTQ activist since the early 1980s and have run sexuality- and LGBTQ-based workshops, including safe spaces for those healing from sexual abuse. I'm a certified Re-evaluation Counselling (co-counselling) teacher and have studied Psychodynamic Counselling. I'm also an earth activist and work against all forms of oppression. I'm also a performer, a musician and a writer.

I've been consciously studying pagan Sex Magic for 15 years, and now lead day, two-day and weekend workshops on Sex Magic, as well as workshops on more general energy work. 

In all my work my emphasis is on humans reconnecting with the land and ending/healing the destruction that we have inflicted on it, and on ourselves, by forgetting that we are a part of the land.

This Land Sex Magic