• a Queer/Inclusive Sacred Sexuality Adventure.

Held over 5 days from 6-10 December 2019 

near Dorking, Surrey.

Cost: £385 (£285 concessions). Early bird tickets (before 1stSeptember): £335 (£235 concessions).

Prices include dormitory accommodation and all food.

We ask that you come for the whole event.

To book email: myfaerieking@btinternet.com for booking form and payment details.

In its second year, Held-in-the-Flow supports us to gently enter the winter, as we tune in to the earth cycles, deepen our knowledge and awareness of the different levels of being and build practices that we can weave into our lives for sustenance and growth.

A group of experienced facilitators bring their skills and offerings and work together to hold the group safely and lovingly, while shaping the event based on the emerging energies and the needs of the individuals and the group. Held-in-the-Flow is a place where we can all feed into the process of creation and develop our trust in the integrity of our bodies, our intuitions, our energies and our magical connections. The facilitators will provide a robust container to hold participants' individual journeys and intentions (which they may arrive with or develop during the event) and will provide tools and spaces to enable this. The facilitators are all people used to working 'on the edge' and with 'what is' and have many years of experience in holding magical and transformational spaces.

We will tune in and connect to ourselves, the land and each other. We will honour the sacredness of our physical and energetic bodies and explore the infinite possibilities of our unique sexualities and the intricacies and flows of sexual energy. There will be workshops; rituals; body-based practices; group connection, sharing and integration times and a chance for individuals to tune in to their own needs, including the offer of a facilitated one-to one session. Our emphasis is not on quick solutions or targets but on consent, congruence and the balancing of individual and group needs. No-one will be asked to do anything they don't feel comfortable with and boundaries will be respected and celebrated. There will be an optional sex magic ritual with time for preparation and processing.

Who is it for?: People on an exploratory path. People who are curious about earth-centred spirituality. People who are looking to integrate different understandings. People who want to be in a space that seeks to be free of gender assumptions. People who want to bring their individual experiences into a group setting.

consent – ritual – emergent – embodied– diversity – self-development – connection – inspiration – creativity– play - sex magic -  integration

Cost: £385 (£285 concessions). Early bird tickets (before 1st September): £335 (£235 concessions).

Prices include dormitory accommodation and all food.

To book email: myfaerieking@btinternet.com for booking form and payment details.

Queer/Inclusive - because it is primarily a Queer space. People who are comfortable in such a space, whether or not they define as queer, are very welcome. Queer includes LGBTQIA+ and also has a quality of 'gender and sexuality outside the box' and an acceptance of freedom of choice, fluidity and change. It also has a quality of 'queering' accepted definitions and rigid societal structures. It embraces infinite possibilities of sexuality and gender, and infinite ways of being with our sexualities and genders. A Queer/Inclusive space is a space where we try not to make any assumptions as to peoples' genders, sexualities and ways of being. We respect peoples' pronouns and do our best to remember them, while being gentle with each other's mistakes. We come from principles of consent and of respect for everyone's boundaries and choices.

Sacred Sexuality -because we are reclaiming sexuality from the rigid, life-destroying, consumerist, addictive and scarcity-consciousness paradigm current in our society. Sacred means 'considered to be holy and deserving respect' and this is how we view sexuality. We do not perceive it as only contained in the physical/genital realm, but as an energy that is inherent in all humans, and in the land, trees, oceans, wind and fire. It comes from the land to us and through us to each other. Sacred sexuality work is about reconnecting ourselves to the land, reclaiming the sacredness of our bodies, remembering the power of sexual energy and our ability to raise and channel it and to create magic through pleasure. We celebrate sexuality in all its forms as long as it it consensual and connected.

Adventure – because we will be journeying together into places where we haven't been before. Because we are working with a new type of structure that doesn't programme in advance: but instead draws from the offerings, tools and skills of the facilitators according to the energies present, the messages from land and beings, and the issues and impulses arising from the humans within the group. Adventure can involve risk, and we aim to provide the safety for those who wish to move into new realms of experience and enquiry. Adventure also involves gifts, and the recognising and honouring of what is met along the way, and the sustenance and support that is given to us. It involves the noticing and response to what we are asked to give and what we are willing to receive.

To book email: myfaerieking@btinternet.com for booking form and payment details.

Further details

Held in the flow is an event for around 30 LGBTQIA+ and other folk who want to explore working with energy, consent, boundaries, touch, sharing, deepening intimacy and connection.

We have 5 facilitators plus two assistants and our plan is to be responsive to the needs of the group, offering what is most needed to safely guide, hold and nurture each other. We want to bring more awareness to our practices (personal spiritual practices and general practices such as awareness, intention, gratitude, presence and kindness): exploring them, opening to opportunities to develop them, integrating new understandings and continuing to learn. We will journey together into the darkness and support and nourish the personal and collective growth of winter. We will tune into the energy of the dark moon, the depth of the winter-time and the fire of the Sagittarius sun and moon.

Please Note: This is a sacred sexuality event so there will be times when nakedness is an option and there may be individual or group intimacy which may include physical and genital touch. There will be opportunities to raise sexual energy together in a ritual space. Everyone will have time to explore their own boundaries around these things and everything will be consensual and come from a position of choice, awareness, respect and connectedness.


Al Head

Al Head is a queer, genderqueer human. Que has been a pagan for over 35 years and led rituals and workshops for about this time. At the same time que has been an earth, disability and lgbtq activist, working on building community and making safe spaces for lgbtq+ people. Que is also a performer and workshop leader in drama, aerial and physical theatre and Fooling, a singer/songwriter, a musician, and a writer. Last year que published ques first book, 'Queer Deity, Sacred Slut'. Que is a certified teacher in Re-evaluation Counselling (co-counselling) and has experience of supporting people through healing from trauma and abuse.

Al has been consciously learning and developing sex magic for around 15 years, and in 2014 started leading 'This Land Sex Magic' workshops. These have been one day, two day and weekend workshops and have taken place in many places in the UK, as well as Berlin and Sweden. Part of the work has involved building a pool of assistants and networking with and supporting other facilitators of sacred sexuality, and so this 5-day event, working together with others, feels like a natural, and exciting progression.

Qweaver Jackson

Qweaver is a a queer explorer, sex positive, activist, poet, healer who has run workshops and events in queer spaces over a number of years.  These are safe spaces for intentional exploration, practice and affirmation, accepting and celebrating each as they are whilst tuning into the potential for growth, together.


Self-awareness, self-love & self-care are foundational to love-full, authentic living. Bringing intentionality to these practices is a vital life skill that is transformative and deeply magical. Qweaver is also fascinated by ceremony, movement, meditation, toning, touch as tools of consciousness, healing, embodied routes into pure presence.

Mary Newing

Mary is a holistic practitioner offering one-one sessions and holding space for groups. Touring the festival circuit during the summer and based in West London during the winter. She has worked at a diverse range of festivals, Glastonbury, Buddhafield, Boomtown, SummerHouser Weekend, Quntinsensual and Queer Spirit to name but a few. Her one-one sessions are a blend of her skills based on the client’s needs. Her initial bodywork training was Thai Massage which she continue to deepen by studying with highly respected teachers from around the world and softened by moving towards the energetic and spiritual, studying Reiki, Tantra and Shamanism. Mary completed teacher training with Shivananda in India and Elemental School of Chi Kung in London. As well as teaching yoga and mediation she runs tantra workshops and has been combining tantra with rope bondage as a medium for communication and transformation. She is also a regular part of the Koinonia team and organising teams for Radical Faerie gatherings.  

Daniel Morrison 

Daniel has been involved in sacred sexuality and conscious connection for several years. He has assisted with facilitation and organisation at various workshops and events.  He's a single parent, Buddhish, activist, and a queer transgender warrior.

Eva Weaver

Eva Weaver is a queer writer, artist, sex-coach and bodyworker. She has been involved in the area of conscious sexuality, conscious kink and tantra for many years and believes passionately in the power of community and our birthright to a unique expression of our sexuality and creativity. 

In her work she supports people who feel disconnected from their sexuality for whatever reason to find gentle ways to reclaim the joy of their sexuality, feel empowered and alive again. To support and be in queer, inclusive, creative community is one of the deepest joys.